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Alex MacKenzie and Sharon live in New Hampshire, USA. He was 55 when he was diagnosed in July, 1999. His initial PSA was 8.90 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was Brachytherapy (High Dosage with External Beam). Here is his story.


I have discussed my options with the Oncologist, who recommended the radical prostatectomy; the local Radiologist; who recommended the permanent seed implant, which means hormones for 3 months, and after the implant, I would have 3 more months plus 5 weeks of low-dose radiotherapy. Due to the Gleason of 6 his next recommendation was the seeds. (Brachytherapy) If the Gleason had been 7, he would recommend the High Dose that I wanted. As I pointed out that the Gleason was subjective in the eye of the beholder, 6 was as good as a 7 in my mind, and I wanted the better after life of the High Dose Brachytherapy treatment. I will be going in for preliminaries in late August, and in mid-October have the seeding. Will use this format to keep all informed.

[Update - 20 March 2000]

Age now 56; current PSA 1.6; current treatment: I have just completed HDB & External Beam Radiation Therapy. I just had my first PSA since my treatments finished. My Radiation Doctor said he was expecting a 50% reduction which would have been 4.5. But instead I had a PSA of 1.6 which is very good for the first (3-month) PSA. In the next 6 months he expects it to drop below 0.05.

[Update 8 September 2000]

Hello, I am now 57 years old and my current PSA is 0.9. I have just got the results from my second blood test. The first, three months after treatments were completed had dropped from 8.9 to 1.6, and this one, now 9 months after treatments have stopped is 0.9. I feel quite well, and have no discomforts from the treatments. My sex life has taken a downturn, but other medications may be the cause (heart condition). At this time I am still happy with the choice I made.

[Update 5 July 2001]

Age now 57; current PSA 1.2; current treatment: Follow up PSA's.

I had my 18 month PSA, it is holding in the 0.9 - 1.4 range. I have had no discomfort from the treatments since the tiredness from the External Beam Radiation treatments went away about a year ago. Love life took another hit, as problems existed from heart medications prior to the HDR treatments. But given the choices of treatments at the time, I am not unhappy with the results.

[Update 14 October 2001]

Current Age 57. Current PSA 0.9 - 1.2 (steady). Current Treatment PSA tests each 6 months. Initial treatment Brachytherapy, High dose Radiation

I have been maintaining a steady 0.9/1.2 PSA'S since finishing my treatments. (HDB and external beam radiation). I have had the pleasure of sending information to 4 others that have found themselves in my earlier circumstances. I tell all not to rush to any judgements. I am comfortable with the path I chose, and would do so again. But everyone should learn about all the latest treatments, which are improving all the time.

[Update 18 May 2002]

Current Age 58

Just had my latest PSA, came in at 1.3. It has been 2 1/2 years since my treatments began and all is going well. I am going in the 17th of May for my next PSA. Will send the latest at that time.

[Update 15 December 2002]

Alexander is now 59 with a PSA of 1.3. His current treatment is checking his PSA check, follow-up exams.

Have just (Friday the 13th even) completed my appointment with my Rad. oncologist. PSA and physical check. All is well. PSA is steady. As a result, my check-ups are now to be a year apart from what had been each 6 months. So I have progressed from treatment, to 3 months check-ups, 6 months check-ups, and now yearly. Feel good. Still satisified with my choice of treatment.

[Update 15 August 2004]

Maybe it's a Friday 13th that jogs Alex's memory to update his story. Here is the latest snippet just days after another Friday 13:

I am turning 61 the 21st of this month (August). My treatment has kept me healthy from 1999 till now 2004. Feel well, and would still feel I made the right choice, for me. I have recently retired from work, and am enjoying the freedom.

[Update - 24 March 2005]

Hello again, it has been a year since last I was here. I have had my physical, and find my PSA has lowered from a year ago (now 1.0 ng/ml). A good feeling. I haven't been sorry about my treatment choice, and would do the same again.

[Update - 24 March 2006]

Just had my yearly physical. The slight rise in my PSA to 1.9 ng/ml had caused my doctor to want me to return in 6 months, not a year. He believes it is a normal fluctuation, but also feels, as it has been almost 7 years since my original treatment, caution is the best policy. I agree. Will be back with whatever results occur in 6 months.

[Update - October 2006]

Had my 6 month follow-up. Not too happy as it went up 0.8 ng/ml to 2.7 ng/ml. Will do another 6 month appointment follow up, and see if I need to be concerned. The doctor says it may well be a normal fluctuation, I do hope he is right. Will keep all updated.

[Update - April 2007]

Had a 6 months check-up. My PSA has gone up from 2.7 ng/ml to 3.4 ng/ml. An appointment has been set up with a oncologist to talk about the possible use of hormones.

Will keep this site updated as decisions are made, options put forth.

[Update - November 2007]

Have had my latest appt. and my PSA has continued to creep up. It is 5.0 ng/ml. Seems something is still there, but as the prostate is hardened from treatments, it would be hard to locate any location for what is raising the PSA. So my doctor has advised waiting until the PSA reaches some as yet undetermined level (of my choosing) and starting hormones.

[Update - April 2008]

Just had a 3 month PSA, it is now 5.6, moving up. At 10, I will start hormones. I feel very good, and actually, always have in this regard. The treatments are the only time I have not felt so good, but of course, no treatments may have caused me to feel real bad. One cannot ever be sure with whatever treatment one chooses. All increase one odds of living longer. None are 100% yet. Maybe someday soon one will be.

[Update - March 2009]

March 9, 2009. Had my latest PSA, It is still moving up. presently at 8.3. Hormones will be started at some point after 10.0 at my choosing. Doctor says it will set the timing back 10 years. Of course only time will tell.

[Update - March 2010]

As my PSA went to 8.7, I determined to start the hormone treatment. I have been on Lupron for 4 months and have had the 3rd shot last week.

I have seen the PSA drop to 6.7, but the doctor was not too happy with that. I am going to have another PSA test prior to my next shot to see if more aggressive treatment is required, that is if one is to be had.

I did just receive a e-mail from a gentleman from Virginia, and he gave me ideas that had not come up in talks with my doctor. They will now, Thank You Alvin.